Write as long as you can


Life is too small to be short.
Some would tell you "Seize the day" or "Carpe Diem!" because they have read or/and seen The Dead Poets Society.
Others would just live their everyday life, filled with projects, aims, ambitions, wishes and dreams.

But what about us?
We know so well that we are not eternal. But many of us have a solution to preserve their memories, their being, their live.

What should we do to have a place in History?

Must we perform great deeds? Save lives? Become rich?

We know that we exist for people we love, who know us...But what will happen when everybody would have disappeared? There will be no traces of our story any more...That's the real death.

So what?

Life goes on, and we know it perfectly well!

We have only one thing to do: to enjoy life! Even when we're sad, even when we're lost, even when we hold it against the whole world...Cause life is a gift.

As for me, I write. I enjoy writing. In writing, you live something else...You create life...

I hope I would live a hundred years...not for me but to speak and write about all the people I love, to make you live forever.

Yes I would...if I could...I surely would...


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In English or in French, you are still the same girl, with all her opposite feelings but always telling to everyone to love his own life. This kind of personality is important, maybe more for me than for anyone else. So I can tell you, in English, in French or in Spanish, I like what you write. There certainly won't exist any traces of our friendship which will survive time but I don't care because I will know it wherever I will be... Keep writing, Zazzz, it will forever be a pleasure for me to read you.

Écrit par : Méta | 19/04/2008

I'm sorry my english is very bad, and i'm impressionated by your's...
But I have understood your article, and (maybe it's fun but) I don't understand why men or women live for the other... Live for you, maybe for people who love and like, but for the other... Live for you and if you want Carpe Diem truc bidule...
And I agree with Méta, [i][b]"keep writting, it will be a pleasure to read you"[/b][/i]...
Write an answer in english was very difficult, I hope you have understood me ... with all my English mistakes...

Écrit par : Vin'z | 23/04/2008

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